Rajesh Pai
CID Equity
Screening Chair

Mr. Pai joined CID in 1999 after receiving an MBA from the University of Chicago. Prior to joining CID, he worked in information technology and risk management initiatives for several Fortune 500 companies including British Telecommunications, Ameritech and US West. He was a senior management consultant for American Management Systems. While with CID, Mr. Pai has worked extensively with businesses at all stages of development and is currently focusing his efforts on early through mid-stage equity companies. His areas of expertise include information technology, communications, software, hardware and network infrastructure. He assists with evaluating businesses in the biotechnology and bioinformatics sectors. Mr. Pai has provided financial and strategic support to the following CID portfolio companies, acting in the Board Observer/Advisory capacity: CoreVal, SmartSignal, Geodesic, Ageia, Shakti Systems and Advanced Protein Technologies. Mr. Pai has a master's degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University and a bachelor's degree from the University of Bombay. In addition, he serves in an Advisory/Board capacity with the following organizations Illinois Venture Capital Association (IVCA), BioAngels, Chicago-ITEC, Midwest Healthcare Investment Network (MHIN) and CPEN (Chicago Private Equity Network).