Harry Arader
Centromere Group

Harry Arader is the founder and President of the Centromere Group – a business development and strategy consultantcy to the biotechnology industry. Centromere Group clients have included Monsanto, Unimed Pharmaceuticals Inc., the State of Illinois , the University of Illinois , and Argonne National Laboratory in addition to several start-up and early stage biotechnology companies.

Through the Centromere Group, Mr. Arader was Company Co-Founder and is acting as Vice President, Business Operations to Nanodisc Inc. a nanotechnology-based company offering powerful biological and pharmaceutical discovery services and developing novel therapeutic products. Mr. Arader’s participation in Nanodisc involves strategic and business planning, business development including the negotiation of all licenses and industrial contracts, and starting-up operations. In other Centromere Group projects, Mr. Arader recently served as Senior Business Advisor for StrataTech Corp. a Madison WI based biotechnology company which successfully raised over $3.5 million in non-dilutive funding during Mr. Arader’s engagement. He also served as Senior Business Advisor for BioDisplay Technologies Inc. , a directed evolution platform biotechnology company in Urbana Illinois from shortly after that company’s inception in 1999 until it was sold to Abbott Laboratories in December 2001 for a 160X ROI. Mr. Arader has acted as Chief Business Officer and currently acts as Business Development Consultant to Orion Genomics LLC – a successful genomics-based, epigentic discovery company in St. Louis MO. Mr. Arader developed the “ Strategic Plan for the Biotechnology Industry ” for the State of Illinois in 1997-98. In 1999 - 2000, Mr. Arader developed a plan for a virtual technology incubator and venture fund, called Illinois Ventures , now up and running at the University of Illinois .